Taylor Funk

Personal Statement

Student athlete at Saint Joseph's University. Basketball has taught me many things in life and has given me a strong work ethic. My family is full of farmers so with that said I got my foot in the door with the agricultural work field. Working in the fields have been some of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Those long days of working have made me stronger and made me realize that no matter what work comes my way, I can conquer it.


Saint Joseph's University.


Reliable Property Manager Assistant with a great attention to detail and true integrity. An excellent team player with the ability to ensure long-term profitability in the property management industry.


Varsity division one basketball player. Earned a starting possession my freshman year and broke the school record for most three point baskets in a year as a freshmen. Working with tools and equipment, yard care, and field work.


Growing up I had the opportunity to learn many different trades. My father has been self employed since the age of thirty-five and bought real-estate. I help manage his apartments by taking care of all the yard work, if someone would move out I would help lay carpet and paint the walls, if there was damage to thewalls I would dry wall and replace them. I also worked on many farms growing up like, produce, tobacco, and field work.



Resume Reflections