Resume Reflection

What I learned about writing in terms of coding is that when your code is done and ends up on your site you are essentially telling a story just as if you are writing a paper. When I code I want to focus more getting my story across in an easy to read fashion. Examples could be with the color you choose and how they come across to your viewers. In order to truly understand the processes of this, a helpful think I did was looking at other people’s codes and sites and trying to understand what they are trying to get across by looking at other things than what they wrote. Looking at other peoples work makes it easier for you to see what you like and dislike. The biggest thing is the colors and font for me. Those two things may seem small but they can turn your work into looking cheesy to professional very quick. Something that has challenge me is that I do not consider me being the most creative person so it is a challenge to not only find something that I like but something that is nice to look at for all. Another challenge is instead of just writing a story the traditional way with words, now I must tell a story with coding and designs. Something that will help me with this process is our blog post. The blog post instruct me to explain the weeks lesson but adding images and gifs to express the story in more of a personal way.

First day of class going over the syllabus, this class seemed almost impossible. After a couple of classes I was struggling in the beginning but the way the class is instructed and the tutorials we follow for homework makes this class much better and makes you feel confident in your work you do. My progress is increasing weekly and my skill level is going up for understanding the ways of coding. I am nowhere to the point I want to be but I know I will be in a few weeks. I want to focus more on making the site and coding more clean and being able to get my point across in a clean and easy to understand way. My biggest accomplishment was the design persona. I really like the way that it turned out and the design part of it. The color selection was one of my favorite things about it because it made the project seem clean and professional. Another progress I had was the blog post. These might be my favorite things to do in class because you can express your work in ways that are not just words by adding images and funny gifs in there. These two projects that I just mentioned taught me how to tell a story with objects instead of words which will help me in the long run with coding and designing. I am looking forward to the projects to come and continue to learn new tricks about coding and designing sites to a professional level. Where I stand right now is not where I want to be. I do not feel totally comfortable with coding and I feel like I am a bit behind. Due to this it will only push me to catch up to the rest of the students and because comfortable with designing and coding.