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Taylor Funk sju vs nova

Welcome to my website!


Hi-I'm Taylor Funk!
Welcome to my website.


Basketball has alwasy been a big part of my life ever since I was young. My older brother and I would go out and shoot with my father almost everyday. This built a strong bond between us at a young age. Reading this you guys may think basketball is all i have. In fact, that is not the case at all. I enjoy spending time with my family when I am home from college, (which is not a lot due to basketball) spending time with friends, and going to the beach. Family means everything to me. Without my brother and sister, Mother and Father, I do not know where I would be today. .


My name is Taylor Funk. I am a rising junior at Saint Joseph’s University. By now, I am sure you can tell that I play on the basjetball team. Basketball has been a big part of my life growing up and it is helping me connect to the other students here at St. Joes.


I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. My life consisted of working on a farm growing up and playing basketball. Working on the farm sounds bad, but it taught me how to work hard sun up to sun down.